What is Breathacise®?
The Breathacise® spirometer is an incentive spirometer, which is a device that helps you exercise your lungs through deep breathing.

How does it work?
The Breathacise® spirometer has a built-in basketball game to provide an incentive for lung exercise. Using the indicator to ensure a steady inhalation, inhale through the mouthpiece so the piston rises and aim to get the basketball in the hoop. As time progresses and you exercise your lungs, the piston will rise higher.

What are the benefits?
Exercising your lungs retrains them to take slow deep breaths and increases your lung capacity. This, in turn, helps improve your ability to breathe as it keeps your alveoli inflated. Keeping your alveoli inflated and working properly helps your lungs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide more effectively.

What is Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV)?
It is the amount of air that can be forcibly inhaled after a normal tidal volume. IRV is usually kept in reserve, but is used during deep breathing. The normal adult value is 1900-3300ml and Breathacise® can measure between 0 – 5000ml.