A high-performance Wireless spirometer with high-precision technology and a wide variety of test options with BTLE Bluetooth. A fully charged battery lads for many hours continuous cable less testing. Measurement are possible via USB when Battery are discharged. This spirometer has all connectivity options of an advanced pulmonary function testing system like ASCII, Hl7 and networking.


  • Comes with latest BTLE Bluetooth connectivity for complete wireless procedure.
  • Comes with Internal battery backup for wireless functioning, Standard wired connectivity via USB 2.0 is also available with this.
  • All the basic Spirometry tests – SVC, FVC Pre-Post and MVV are available.
  • The system is powered by a standard USB from PC
  • The measurement technique consists of low power µ-processors and exclusively digital and noise resistant sensors as well as an ambient pressure sensor for automatic BTPS correction.
  • Proven flow sensor technology with variable orifice, very robust, highly accurate, low dead space, and humidity does not affect measurement.
  • The interface is very user friendly designed and includes all features of a modern Spirometer system.
  • The use of the SQL database ensures a high degree of data security and allows multi-user networked applications
  • Spirometry involves the calculation of all static lung volumes
  • All-important parameters of the flow / volume measurement are calculated for inhalation and exhalation. Graphical indicators show the quality of collaboration
  • The software allows the comparison of measured values ​ and curves BEFORE and AFTER medication in the Post bronchodilator test
  • The incentive graphics helps and motivates children at flow/volume- manoeuvres
  • The report generator allows both the adaptation and the rebuilding of reports.
  • All smart PFT devices already include the new GLI 2012 predicted value calculations. Various authors are selectable, value equations can be edited and modified
  • Available are GDT, ASCII, labelled PDF, HL7 and blood gas analyser interfaces-Optional
  • The system meets the current published ATS / ERS – recommendations.
  • Option to enter calibration factors to make calibration free operation
  • Challenge protocols can be user defined, the evaluation and trend display also includes the calculation of PD 20- Optional Device required


  • Rhinomanometry
  • ROCC
  • Bronchial Challenge Test
  • DLCO
  • Lung Volumes ( N2WO and Body Plethysmography)