Professional Breath Alcohol Tester

With its specially designed new generation electrochemical sensor, NAM-19 is a life-saving, technological alcohol measuring device that has been certified as an evidence class by measuring with extremely high accuracy and sensitivity.

NAM-19 Breathalyzer can be used reliably at every point that requires road, life, property and work safety such as roadside traffic controls, law enforcement officers’ security controls, workplaces, transportation.

Evidence Class Measurement Accuracy

NAM-19, produced using a specially developed new generation electrochemical sensor technology, provides sensitive, accurate and reliable results and meets the requirements of international standards, and is an accepted alcohol meter in the evidence class.

Measurement Modes That Enable Use Under All Conditions

NAM-19 Breathalyzer allows measurement in any situation with Automatic / Active, Manual, Passive and Measurement rejection modes. Apart from automatic measurement, the NAM-19 Alcoholmeter, which can make manual measurements in case of shortness of breath, can also make ambient measurements with its passive measurement mode. Those who do not want to have a measurement with the Measurement Rejection mode can be registered.

User Friendly Design

Unlike other breathalyzers, it is suitable for use under the sun, thanks to its alphanumeric keypad, quick use with the shortcut 3-key, small size and transreflective TFT screen. It is completely user-friendly with the language option suitable for each country and the menu structure that guides the user, warning and error messages.

Data Input, Storage and High-Capacity Memory

In NAM-19 Alcoholmeter, the data entered through the alphanumeric keypad suitable for day and night use and the measurement results are saved in the device memory. It is possible to scan the pre-recorded data in the memory, display the found data on the screen and report it via a printer if desired. The recorded data can be transferred to the computer via NAM-DATAPro software.

Disposable Hygienic Mouthpiece and Passive Mouthpiece for Non-Contact Measurement

Measurements are made easily thanks to the individually packaged hygienic mouthpiece specially designed for the NAM-19 breathalyzer, which can be easily worn by left-right handed users. The breath outlet of the NAM-19 breathalyzer mouthpiece is directed in a different direction so that the breath, saliva and food residues of the blower do not go to the other person.

NAM-19 Alcoholmeter, which optionally offers a passive measuring cup for non-contact measurement, can also be used in different sectors and for fast measurements.