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Why do coaches in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB monitor the heart rates of their players? Why do the Cavs, Royals, Giants, Canadiens and college teams all across the country monitor energy consumption?

The same reason the Pittsburgh Pirates do. With a 162-game schedule, they need to measure fatigue. Because fatigue lowers performance and leads to injury. And in a sport that loses more than a billion dollars a year to injury, that’s the last thing a coach wants.

Getting peak performance from your players game after game is a key to success. And as sports-injury expert Will Carroll says, “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.”

Featured Case Study
Optimized training and practice habits. Improved physicality and energy. Increased player confidence. These and other outcomes were improved for the New Mexico State Aggies football team.


Sports Teams
Athletes like it. Coaches trust it. See how Indiana University athletic trainers are using the Zephyr™ performance system to help their teams win.

How far and fast can each student athlete go? Trainers for Indiana University’s football team are using the GPS feature of the Zephyr™ system to find out — and help improve performance.

Evaluate the effect of halftime sports drink ingestion on second half performance in U16 female soccer players using GPS technology.

Spring training isn’t what it used to be. Technology is “batter up” when it comes to injury prevention. Learn how the Pirates use Zephyr™ Performance System and why the reporter calls it “the sport’s greatest big data tool….”

America’s Cup
Power and endurance. That sums up the America’s Cup. To keep the crew in tip-top condition, the head trainer of the Oracle team relies on biometrics. See the sailors, and Zephyr™ Performance System, in action.

America’s Cup
If you’re in the America’s Cup, you dress for battle. For the Oracle crew, this means the right clothing, gear and physiological data. See a fully outfitted sailor whose basics include a Zephyr™ compression shirt and sensor.

Tom Izzo: Stressed-out coaches? All part of the game? But too much stress can lead to health issues. Watch as basketball coach Tom Izzo is wired with a Zephyr™ monitor and Dr. Oz’s comments on the results.

Soccer & Hockey
Push players too hard and they get injured. So coaches need to know each athlete’s limit. And for this, they need the right monitoring technology. Discover how college soccer and NHL coaches use Zephyr™ Performance System.

Pro Free Skier
Pro free skier Forrest Jillson hits eight Gs and burns 2,900 calories! But there’s more to the story, and Zephyr™ supplies the details. Find out why researchers are excited about the results.

To develop iron men, follow the lead of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Former backstop Russell Martin depends on Zephyr™ Performance System to record his movements, vital signs and more to help keep him in the best shape of his life.

Auto Racing
Zoom, zoom. At the Subaru TT Challenge on the Isle of Man, the team set a new lap record. See the car and driver in action and hear about the “eye-opening” results charted by Zephyr™ monitoring tools.