Immediate results through a Non-Invasive Techno Method

Magnifica is an innovative and exclusive mix of «Technology + molecular cosmetics».

Applied simultaneously and synergistically to biorevitalize and bioregenerate the skin of the face, neck and décolleté. A natural and effective biorevitalization, regenerates the skin in depth, making it more firm, compact and smooth, without scalpels or needles in maximum comfort and in a totally natural way. Each treatment is associated with a specific serum, suitable for your skin type.

The efficacy and safety of Magnifica are documented by clinical studies and extensive research by our experts, recognized and validated by the relevant international scientific literature

For the face

  • Evident anti-aging action
  • Increase metabolic reactions
  • Improve the quality of the skin
  • Stimulate the microcirculation and increase capillary permeability
  • Firm and reshape the face

Ultrasound Electroporation Cryo

Cryo ultraporation is an Eximia patented know-how. it allows the transdermal penetration of ionizable water-soluble substances, and substances with different physico-chemical properties. Thanks to the ultrasound, literally every cell is massaged, as a result of which the formation of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as hyaluronic acid, responsible for hydration, density and elasticity of the skin, is stimulated. The oval of the face becomes clearer, the skin tightens and acquires elasticity. This mode allows reaching a deep level in appreciable concentrations without side effects. Furthermore, the vasoconstrictive effect caused by the low temperature prevents the unwanted removal of the cosmetics by the local bloodstream.