User-friendly recumbent ergometer with high accuracy.

The RC4 is an easy-to-use recumbent ergometer, designed for hospitals and rehabilitation centres. The backrest is adjustable as well as the seat, which has discreet backward lean. This, together with ergonomically positioned handles create a comfortable and stable cycling position with easy access for patients with different disabilities. The display has several preprogrammed tests protocols, e.g. Åstrand and YMCA which allows you to perform submaximal tests without connecting the ergometer to and external system. Still, the ergometer can be connected and controlled via a PC and the Monark Test Software which allows you to create custom made test and training protocols and to save all results. The RC4 is RPM independent (constant power output regardless of pedalling speed) and equipped with the Monark pendulum system which allows you to easily calibrate the resistance and guaranties accurate and reliable data.